The sophisticated team of Expineer Corp. is well recognized in Ontario for its expertise in condition assessment, inspection and forensic failure investigation to prevent and resolve problems related to building design, construction and operation of the buildings as well as for its proficiency in restoration management of structural components including:

Balcony Restoration

Buildings, Parking Garages, Balconies, Stairways and Swimming Pools

  • Condition surveys and inspection
  • Concrete structure evaluation
  • Reinforcing steel corrosion evaluation
  • Concrete testing (destructive and non-destructive examinations) and durability assessment
  • Design and implementation of excavation support and structure shoring system
  • Prepare design, drawings and technical specifications for reinforced concrete structures
  • Contract administration and construction review

Building Envelope Assessment and Restoration

  • Condition Survey and inspection of masonry/brick and stucco/EIFS systems
  • Structural assessment of wood and metal cladding systems and architectural insulating glazed units
  • Provide procedure for inspection, restoration and maintenance of glazed aluminum curtain wall mullions and accessories
  • Mould investigations and remediation
  • Water penetration investigation
  • Construction review and contract administration
Building Envelope Assessment
Roof Design

Roofing Design and Restoration

  • Roof replacement and restoration designs
  • Roof evaluation and assessment
  • Condition surveys and reporting
  • Water penetration and testing
  • Provide design, drawings and technical specifications for fall arrest and roof anchor systems
  • Roof anchor inspection and load testing



Foundation Structure Underpinning

  • Foundation settlement assessment
  • Inspection and restoration of concrete floor gone through subsidence
  • Foundation and building underpinning design and implementation
Foundation Restoration

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