Our materials engineering division is fully supported by qualified and independent laboratories in GTA to perform advanced materials testing and analyses and verify material and mechanical properties, chemical composition, microstructure, corrosion resistance, structural integrity and environmental stability of:

  • Metals (steel, aluminum, brass, copper,…)
  • Polymeric Materials (coatings, paints, rubbers, plastics,…)
  • Petroleum Substances (industrial lubricating oils and grease, fuel,..)
  • Ceramics (concrete , porcelain, tile, glass, refractory,..)
  • Wood products (lumber, veneer and plywood, laminated timbers, insulation board, card board, paper,…)
  • Engineered composite materials

Expineer Corp. directly supervises a wide variety of analytical techniques to ensure that all examinations are performed with respect to applicable standard procedures and methods and therefore, the most accurate, reliable, and repeatable results will be obtained to support the technical reports, opinions and recommendations delivered to the client. The Laboratory examinations and analyses are used by Expineer Corp. to evaluate the materials and provide technical solutions including but not limited to:

  • Metallographic Examination

  • Fractography (to determine the fracture mode of alloys)
Ductile Fracture of Brass Flare Fitting Due to Dezincification
Image X, Overlay 1-R2
Chemical Analyses of Corrosion Deposits and Percipitates Accumulated Inside Couplings and Adapters of Water Hose
  • Chemical Analysis of Alloys, Corrosion Products and Precipitates (EDX, XRD, XRF, ICP …) and Organic Materials (FTIR, TGA, DSC, GC, GCMS, ,…)




  • Assessment of Rubbers and Plastics for their Nature (Molecular Structure, Branching, Molecular Weight, Crystallinity, Density and Melt Flow Index), Mechanical Properties (Surface Hardness, Tensile Behaviour, Creep in Tension, Behaviour in Compression, Flexural Behaviour Impact, Fracture Mechanics Analysis and Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance), Thermal properties (Vicat Softening Temperature, Thermal Conductivity, Coefficient of Thermal Expansion0 and Chemical Resistance and Oxidative Stability
Tensile Strength Test of Rubber Samples Collected from Car Tires
Tensile Strength Test of the Bolt Fractured In Service

  • Microscopic Observation (using Stereo-, Optical- and Scanning Electron-Microscopy) for All Types of Materials

  • Accelerated Corrosion Tests- as per ASTM and NACE standards

  • Environmental Testing (Water and Soil Analysis, Air & Paint Swabs, Indoor Air Quality and Microbial Contamination Investigations)

  • Mechanical Testing (Tensile Testing, Charpy Impact, Fracture Toughness, Hardness and Fatigue Testing)

  • Wear and Abrasion Resistance

  • Surface Roughness and Profile Measurement

  • Evaluation of Surface Preparation, Physical Deterioration, Thickness, Adhesion and Chemical Degradation of all types of Paints and Coatings

  • Weld Procedure and Qualification Testing – as per CWB, AWS, ASTM, ASME and CSA

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing of Valves of Piping System Using Standard Test Methods
Polyethylene Tube Water Pressure Test

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