The Electrical & Instrumentation experts at Expineer Corp. perform forensic investigations to identify the cause and origin of incidents leading to failures, damages or defects in the electrical supplies, systems, components, equipment and appliances within industrial, commercial and residential properties. Their professional services include but not limited to:


  • Field investigation and analysis of incidents involving all types of wiring systems and electrical equipment

  • Review and analysis of construction design of electrical and electronic systems and assessment of the functionality of the equipment
Control Panel of Air Handling System
HVAC Drives

• Laboratory examinations to determine the failure mechanism and verify the effects of human errors, monitor and control performance of the system and carry out corrective actions to address the most serious concerns

• Providing written reports with professional opinion on the origin and cause of the electrically related fire and failure of equipment and component

• Offering solutions to prevent similar failures and assist the client to apply the correct electrical system and device developed according to the latest technologies

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