The experts in mechanical and materials engineering division have been very much involved in investigation of complex equipment loss and accidents happened to industrial mechanical components and provided valuable scientific solutions based on the results of failure analysis performed on:


  • Heat exchangers, hot water and steam boilers, steam and combustion turbines, pressure vessels and storage tanks (oil, acid, fuel and water), underground pipelines, water treatment equipment and cooling towers in gas refineries, petrochemical and power generation plants
  • Heating and cooling systems and electromechanical equipment and instruments applied in food processing, intensive crop cultivation and greenhouse industries
Clogging of Tube Boiler Due to Inadequate Blowdown of the Boiler
  • Heavy machines and assemblies such as rolling mills, AOD vessels and electric arc furnaces used in steel and cast-iron production technology

  • The equipment used for steel hot-dip galvanizing and aluminum anodizing process

Molten Metal Escaped from Electric Arc Furnace and Reconstruction of Refractory Bricks

  • Machineries used in quarries, mining operations, pulp and paper mills and injection molding facilities

  • Various types of heavy equipment used for construction and transportation including excavation equipment lifts (aerial and in-ground vehicle lifts, industrial forklifts) and cranes (telescopic, mobile, truck mounted, overhead, counterweight loading and tower cranes)
Cracking of Cylinder Housing in the Rear Platen of an Injection Molding Machine
Fracture of Internal Components of Biogas Engine Due to High Concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide in Biogas
  • All types of generators, engines (petrol, diesel, gas and biogas) , motors, pumps and wind turbines

  • The common types of agricultural equipment and machinery used on farms including mowers, planters, sprayers, tractors, balers, combines and plows

  • Piping and valve systems used in water/wastewater treatment plants and chemical products industry

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