Ramtin Movassaghi MASc., P.Eng.

                     F O U N D E R / C E O

Ramtin Movassaghi is a Professional Engineer with 25 years’ experience in forensic engineering, machinery and equipment loss assessment, material and mechanical failure analysis, deterioration assessment and restoration of reinforced concrete structures and building envelope systems, and, electrochemical corrosion protection system design.

His expertise includes:

·   Loss investigation into the industrial, commercial and residential properties exposed to undesired accidents and environmental hazards

·      Determination of the root cause of failure related to manufacturing, installation, maintenance and use of products

·      Condition assessment and failure analysis of structural and mechanical components

·      Code and regulation compliance

·      Performing destructive and non-destructive testing and inspection using field/laboratory instrumentation techniques to determine the cause of failure of products and components damaged in service as a result of chemical attack, material/mechanical deficiencies or improper manufacturing, installation and maintenance

Ramtin is highly knowledgeable of North American Standards and Specifications such as CSA, ASTM, ASM, NACE, API, ASME, AASHTO, ACI and Ontario Building Code and Regulations.

The consulting and advisory opinions provided by Ramtin have successfully contributed insurance industry, legal attorneys and different engineering firms to protect their clients’ rights and assisted them to make the most favorable decision during negotiation, mediation and arbitration disputes.


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