Expineer Corp. is completely aware of the Condominium Acts in relation to Kitec issues. As stated in the Condominium Act, once a condominium corporation becomes aware of the presence of Kitec plumbing in the units, it should be considered a material change and must be declared on a building’s status certificate / disclosure statement. The condominium board should rectify this matter as soon as possible, since the presence of Kitec affects everything from insurance premiums to resale values for property owners because of the risk it carries.

Some insurers will pay to replace it, others will insure homes but at a higher rate and others give homeowners a certain amount of time to replace it or lose their insurance. However, since Kitec failure would likely be considered a “pre-existing condition” under home warranty and home insurance policies, there probably would not be any coverage for most insurers for replacement or repair of Kitec systems.

Kitec Piping System in a Mechanical Room

Expineer Corp. is completely confident to address four (4) facts concerning the failure causation and remediation of Kitec systems installed in GTA condominium buildings from experiences gained by the loss location investigations and failure analyses performed to date as followings:

1) Kitec plumbing will fail eventually and, it is not a matter of if the Kitec will fail, but when will it fail; 

2) The majority of failures have been observed in form of bursting pipes; however, the leakage of fittings (due to dezincification of fittings) and failure of the “Pressure Reducing Valve” (PRV), could be occurred along the Kitec plumbing system to a lesser extent;

3) The failure of Kitec plumbing can result in considerable property damage far greater than the cost of replacement; and, 

4) The “bulk replacement” through a tender for doing a wholesale replacement of all the units in the building is the most efficient model (in terms of cost, timeline, organizing and controlling aspects) of the project and can ultimately deliver the highest value for all stakeholders. 

Expineer Corp. works closely with different property management companies and condominium corporations to take the best course of action for remediation of defective Kitec plumbing by providing the Investigation, Engineering Design and Restoration Management services.  

Kitec Piping System Under the Ceiling

The failure investigation and repairs/replacement of the Kitec System could be performed under supervision of Expineer Corp. through a team consisted of the qualified engineers/experts, City-Licensed master plumbers, and (if required) a legal attorney act as “of counsel firm” to provide legal advice and help with submission of the claim form completed with the supportive proofs and evidence to the Canadian Kitec claim administrator.

Accordingly, Expineer Corp. can assist the property manager and board directors to conduct the investigation, submit the claim form and accomplish replacement of the Kitec sytem through the following procedure:

1) Assist the property manager to collect the evidence and review the information on the history of the leakage and the expenses paid for the failures of kitec system to date

2) Conduct failure analysis on the collected evidence to verify the main cause of Kitec plumbing failure in the building and provide an official engineering report to be used as supportive document for claim submission purposes

3) Conduct a thorough inspection to identify the location and condition of the Kitec system in the building and provide a detailed report including the outcomes of investigations

4) Provide a proposal including the technical recommendations on the best possible and most cost-effective methods for bulk replacement of the Kitec system

5) Take immediate action to repair/replace the failed/defective Kitec plumbing system. Expineer Corp. can offer a full design drawings and specifications, and project management services from beginning to the end, including site inspections and during pipe replacement to ensure the final installations are complied with applicable codes, standards and regulations


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