A professional team including qualified engineers, technicians and technologists assists Expineer Corp. to provide variety of services to accommodate engineering design, installation, retrofit, replacement, repair, condition assessment and maintenance requirements for municipal, commercial and residential building mechanical systems including:

  • Domestic plumbing and process piping systems
  • Sanitary, storm collection and drainage systems
  • Backflow preventer devices
  • Booster pump stations
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), air handling units, water heat pumps and exhaust and supply fans
  • Residential and commercial heating furnaces and hydronic forced air and radiant tube heating systems
  • Hot water and low-pressure steam boilers, heat exhcangers, evaporators, compressors and condensers
  • Water cooling systems
  • Domestic hot water tanks
  • Inspection and assessment of mechanical components of overflow, drain, water treatment and disinfection systems

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