Expineer Corp. provides a full package to conduct condition assessments and reconstruction of the properties damaged by environmental or natural hazards (such as fire, flood, extreme winds, or seismic events) while following the procedure listed below:

1) Before entering an incident scene, Expineer professional engineers make arrangements with in-charge party for installation of a safe access and structural shoring to ensure that an adequate and safe environment has been provided for the investigator, workers and property owners.

2) If the site is determined with potentially unidentified hazards and possible instability, a certified industrial hygienist attends the site to detect the hazards, monitor exposures and evaluate risks to ensure that the premises is safe and secure and then the measures are formulated for investigation into mould, odor and indoor air quality, if required.

3) While handling the emergency mitigation, a detailed condition assessment of the building components is performed by experts to address structural issues. Then, the provisions are made to restore any salvageable items and prevent further damages to the building and the reconstruction plan is developed to meet regulatory building codes.

Reconstruction of a Commercial Property Damaged by Fire
Image E1-Post Disaster Reconstruction_R4
Mould Identified Under the Ceiling During Reconstruction

4) The restoration process immediately begins with reconstruction design/tendering, providing cost estimates, selecting materials and scheduling access and repair work.

5) Expineer Corp also provides additional engineering and environmental assessment services such as forensic engineering, risk management, building performance audits and water/wastewater evaluation might be requested by condominium boards of directors and property managers.

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