Expineer Corp. is pleased to assist all parties involved in fabrication and construction of steel structures with welding inspection, quality control and failure investigation services. 

The Expineer level II welding inspector (licensee by CWB and IWIP) is a professional engineer who is qualified to perform the weld inspection according to CSA W59 (welded steel construction) and structural welding codes AWS D1.1 and AWS D1.6. Our expert has been certified by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT certificate level II) to provide the services specified as followings:

  • Visual inspection of structural steel to ascertain all fabrication and erection by welding is performed in accordance with structural code requirements
  • Non-destructive testing including magnetic particle inspection (MT), Ultrasonic Examination (UT) and Penetrate Testing (PT) on welds in field and destructive metallurgical examinations in laboratory.
  • Perform Quality Assurance/Quality Control Programs and Audits for structural steel fabricators
  • Preparation of procedure and specifications related to welding quality control plans (WPS, PQR, and WQT) and NDT applications
  • Review and monitoring of shop drawings, projects and assembly plans according to specifications and applicable codes

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