Expineer Corp. has applied Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) as an effective NDT technique throughout many industries for locating, accessing and imaging of geological structures and metallic and non-metallic underground objects. GPR technique has been successfully used for a number of applications in the field of infrastructure inspection to:

  • Produce a continuous cross-sectional profile to avoid unnecessary digging of the concrete or asphalt overlays
  • Locate and identify the layout of subsurface features such as existing water or sewer pipelines, weeping systems and electrical duct banks, utility lines, cables as well as reinforcing steel and post-tension cables inside concrete
  • Determine the source of leakage in buried water distribution systems (WDS) and identify the voids, anomalies or disturbed soil surrounding the buried structures
  • Detect defects in concrete structures and foundations (delamination, internal cracks, and voids) and evaluate water intrusion under the concrete slab and compactness of the subgrade

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