The civil/structural engineers at Expineer Corp. provide forensic investigations for a broad range of structural failures surrounding the following disciplines:

• Reinforced Structures and Infrastructures
• Geotechnical Works
• Highways, Tunneling and Subways, Railways, Waterways
• Port, Costal and Marine Structures
• Concrete Culverts and Pipelines
• Environmental Facilities
• Hydraulics, Storm and Drainage Installation
• Architectural Technology and Building Envelope
• Building Components and Materials 

Image 1,Port, and Costal Structures
Port and Costal Structures

The sophisticated civil and structural engineers at Expineer Corp. acquired:

• Expertise to conduct a thorough code and regulation compliance and perform an insight loss investigation into the residential, commercial and industrial properties exposed to undesired accidents and environmental hazards (such as fire, flood and explosions) 

• A great experience to go beyond building codes and specifications and simplistic models of behavior to understand how facilities really perform and why they fail

• An interdisciplinary understanding of the systems used for construction of the facilities 

• An analytical and objective mind that can collect the required data, develop failure hypotheses and interpret the results to reach a correct conclusion regarding the cause of failure

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