The corrosion engineering experts at Expineer Corp. are specialized in material deterioration assessment and failure analysis of structural and mechanical components damaged as a result of general or localized corrosion mechanisms, environmental cracking or mechanical/corrosive effects. Their expertise includes:

  • Failure analysis and risk assessment of the components exposed to corrosion attack and providing engineering guidance and recommendation to prevent and mitigate corrosion attacks
Fracture of the Flange Due to Microbial Corrosion of Flange Bolts and Pipe Support
  • Performance review of the chemical system used for treatment of feeding/cooling water and steam running through piping and heating systems
Accumulation of Mud in Evaporator Entrance Due to Improper Chemical Treatment
Chemical Injection System Used for Boiler Treatment





  • Provide scientific/technical opinion on the requirements, specifications, costs and timelines for cleaning and maintenance of the pipelines, boilers, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, storage tanks and cooling towers
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Failure Analysis of Chiller Tubes Internally Corroded Due to Improper Chemical Treatment
  • Application of coupon monitoring, non-destructive pipe wall thickness measurement and visual inspection using CCTV to inspect and evaluate internal condition of the sanitary sewers and service lines susceptible to corrosion




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