Our dedicated experts perform a thorough post-loss assessment to identify the extent of damage to the equipment from different perspectives in order to provide the most accurate information and guidance to the best interest of the insured and to reduce the claim expenses and business interruption as much as possible.

The capabilities of Expineer Corp. equipment loss experts could help the equipment owners and operators, insurance claims professionals and attorneys to:

  • Assess the damage caused by the breakdown, water escape and fire including sequence and extent of damage

  • Conduct value engineering and regulate the scope of restoration or replacement work
Steel Rolling Mill Components
Steam Boilers
  • Evaluate the contamination and provide service plan for remediation

  • Coordinate with qualified vendors to collect proposal and cost estimate for proper reinstatement

  • Review the technical aspects of the options offered by the vendor for the repair and restoration and advise on the most cost-effective plan that should be selected to get the personnel and equipment back to work and production in timely manner

  • Determine the salvage value replacement Cost Value (RCV) of the equipment inventory

  • Handle the warranty claims, pro-active product recall

  • Serve as an expert witness
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