• Consulting on selection and application of the most advanced and proven paints, coatings and linings used to protect onshore and offshore pipelines and structures

  • Technical advice on selection of chemical inhibitors used in oil and water flow lines and facilities

  • Design, installation, inspection and commissioning of sacrificial anode or an impressed current Cathodic Protection (CP) used for underground pipelines, petroleum and water storage tanks, condensers and heat exchangers, offshore and onshore steel/concrete structures

  • Design, installation, inspection and commissioning of Anodic Protection (AP) and Potential Controlled systems applied in the high acidic and alkaline process industries such as sulfuric acid storage tanks, piping and coolers as well as Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) scrubbers and salt concentrators/evaporators
Anodic Protection System Used for Internal Corrosion Protection of Pulp Mill Digester

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