Expineer Corp. has innovated a versatile program called Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) to maintain mechanical equipment and structural facilities of condominium and commercial buildings in satisfactory operating condition by providing systematic inspection, detection, and correction of incipient failures, either before they occur or before they develop into major defects.   

The special strategies and procedure followed for implementation of the preventive maintenance program has been listed below: 

Collect Technical Data and Information

  • The mechanical equipment requiring periodic maintenance are identified and documented to be taken care of in chronological order
  • The drawings, specifications, manuals, procedures and regulations applicable to the operation and maintenance of the components are collected and reviewed
  • An inventory of the spare, essential and frequently used parts and supplies is identified and documented

Review of Existing Operating/Maintenance Program/Procedures

  • The existing operating and maintenance procedures, activities and analyzing results provided by the service contractors are reviewed to ensure that proper completion of work and services had been performed at the facilities
  • Analyze, and evaluate the facility at the system level using the collected engineering/ technical data
  • The vendors and subcontractors are instructed to take the corrective actions on the routine maintenance inspections and procedures in progress, if required

Develop Operating/Maintenance Procedures

  • The operation and (preventive and corrective) maintenance procedures are made as per the identified frequency and according to statutory requirements, criticality of equipment, manufacturer recommendations and failure history of the components
  • Checklists/logbooks representative of the frequency and instruction on the inspection factors that should be utilized for the maintenance of the equipment are made
  • An inventory (and asset) control system is established to make schedule based on balancing the expense of the inventories (and assets) with the timing of the need

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual

  • An O&M manual including the collected data, operation and maintenance procedures, inspection logs and inventory lists are provided in paper-base and electronic formats
  • The contents of O&M manual and collected data on the elements of exterior and interior maintenance are transferred to the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) software
  • The superintendent and security personnel will be trained to follow the maintenance procedure and record the routine inspections using the checklist / logbook are provided to them

Supportive Services after PMP Establishment

  • Technical reports on the performance of running PMP are submitted to the management office and board directors on seasonal basis
  • The preventive maintenance procedures are reviewed and updated on yearly basis to ensure the effectiveness of schedule and trend of the breakdowns in the building
  • Independent engineering investigations are conducted to verify the cause of the failures and provide technical advice on corrective actions, repairs, modifications, replacements and/or new installation of the mechanical equipment in the building, if required

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