The Expineer Corp. sophisticated team is pleased to provide engineering and consultancy for the clients planning to develop Combined Heat & Power (CHP) facilities in Cannabis industry, typically in ranging between 1.0MW and 50.0MW, while there is the capability to handle larger outputs in the near future.

Our expertise and involvement include conceptual planning and development, technical and economic feasibility assessments, engineering design, procurement, construction and project management, commissioning, operation and maintenance services. Expineer Corp. also works with several CHP manufacturers and experts to help the Cannabis Cultivators attain the absolute benefit of efficient, environmentally sustainable facility energy operations.


Image K1-Mechanical System for Sealed Growing Room
CHP System Designed for Sealed Cannabis Growing Room

Combined Heat & Power (CHP) plants are considered as one of the most cost effective and environmentally-friendly energy-generation solutions for power-intensive industries with high efficiency which could meet thermal energy needs (direct heat, hot water, steam, process heating and/or cooling) at the point of use, simultaneously.

The waste heat from the CHP systems can also be used to create free chilled water through an absorption chiller. These systems are truly ideal for cannabis cultivation because it requires a massive and constant electricity load to produce a proportionate amount of cooling and heating to adequately maintain the environment.  The carbon dioxide (CO2), as a byproduct of combustion of the systems fueled by natural gas, is also extremely valuable to cultivators.

Image L1-CO2 Supplementary System
Carbon Dioxide Supplementary System
In addition to the services related to establishment of CHP system, Expineer is pleased to provide other professional services to Cannabis Industry as followings:

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering Design and project management for installation of all mechanical and electrical components, including but not limited to HVAC systems, dehumidifiers, CO2 supplementary system and odor controlling device for sealed and non-sealed growing rooms

  • Our certified industrial hygienist could assist the cannabis industry with assessment and creation of workplace policy, training of the staff for health and safety legislation, drug testing policies and environmental/health and safety management system

  • Expineer works with certified consultants who provide a wide range of services from Production to Quality Control and Assurance for Cannabis companies including preparation of Operating Procedure (SOP), record keeping content, edible products consulting and training for edible regulation for management, facilities list for edible products and R&D Service for edible product

  • Sophisticated plant physiologists associated to Expineer Corp. could present the best technical solutions and advisory opinions based on the most recent developments in plant photobiology and lighting systems as well as potential applications for cannabis plant production
Image M1-R1
Cannabis Cultivation Farm

Expineer Corp always welcome to make benefit from the technical opinion and working knowledge of the clients/partners on the systems and the processes in cannabis industry interfacing CHP technology as it could eliminate complications when moving from conceptual design towards commissioning of the finished plant.

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