The insurance industry and law firms have made a great benefit of valuable experience and technical knowledge of the experts at Expineer Mechanical/Materials Engineering division to determine the potential origins and causes of failure of products and components damaged in service.

The mechanical, metallurgical and materials engineering experts at Expineer Corp. apply scientific procedures and forensic engineering principles to meet all requirements of clients who are dealing with the claims on:

  • the products failed in service or exceed their serviceability limits
  • mechanical components and assemblies that fail or do not operate/function as intended
  • personal injury or damages to property caused by inadequate design, incorrect material selection, manufacturing defects and/or improper maintenance of the products and components

Although the sequence is subject to variation depending on the nature of loss, the sophisticated mechanical and materials engineers at Expineer Corp. always try to follow the principal stages of standard procedure for total forensic investigation and failure analysis of mechanical components and products as described below:   

  • Loss investigation, visual inspection of the components, close examination of the evidence and identification of the environmental factors contributed to the failure
  • Documentation of visual observations in digital images, detailed notes and measurements and the evidence is collected for further failure analysis
  • Compliance of the evidence with the applicable standards, codes and regulations
  • Implementation of laboratory examinations such as metallographic and fractographic examinations, microscopic observation (optical and scanning electron microscopy), non-destructive testing and field/laboratory instrumentation techniques to evaluate the chemical and mechanical properties of the metallic (steel, aluminum, brass,…), polymeric (coatings, paints, rubbers, plastics,…) and ceramic materials and determine the mode of failure and materials defects
  • Application of mechanical testing or analytical solutions to analyze the forces, stresses, and strains required for development of circumstances leading to a failure
  • Submission of a conclusive engineering report on the causation of failure, determination of the relevant liabilities of parties involved and providing the effective recommendations and measures to prevent recurrence of similar accidents

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